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Create a post/Skriver en post:

From left: Reply to a post, quote, edit your post, private message to the user, e-mail to the user
Fra venstre: svar til post, tilbud, redigere dit indlæg, privat besked til brugeren, e-mail til brugeren

Write a post/reply. From left: Unable/disable mail notifications, publish message
Skriv et indlæg / svar. Fra venstre: Kan ikke / deaktivere mail-meddelelser, offentliggøre besked

From left: Insert a table, insert a picture, insert a youtube video, insert a picture by URL, select pictures from your computer (Insert-a-picture menu)
The pictures should be inserted by selecting them from your computer (or from a URL). Then you have to click on "Send All" and, next, to "insert all"


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